Jessie Jewels performs at Danse Salmagundi February 2017

Jessie Performs at Danse Salmagundi,

Pawtucket RI, 2015

About the Artist

Jessie performs with the 60s band, Cranston 2015

Where has Jessie taught?

​-Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival 2016 - Hoop Dance

​-East Greenwich Parks and Rec -Hoop​ Dance

​-The Movement Exchange (Pawtucket, RI) - Hoop Dance 

-Tri-City Elks - Zumba

​-True Reflections - Hoop Dance

Who has Jessie Studied with?

Alisha Almedia - Hoop Dance

​Ameena - Belly Dance

​Anah Reichenbach (Hoopalicious) - Hoop Revolution

Ann Humphreys - Line and Circle - @ NEFF 2014

Baxter - HoopPath 2014 - @ Boston 2014

Brecken Rivera - Hoop Dance @ Providence 2015

Casey (Acacia) - Que Sara Hoops

Dustin Hubel - Hoop Dance @ Providence

Isopuppy - Hoop Dance @ NEFF 2015

​Kanina- Belly Dance

​Kat Suwalski - @ FXP Hula Hoop Fitness

​Neylan - Belly Dance

Rachel Lust - Hoop Dance @ NEFF 2014

​Shamila - Belly Dance - Swords 2017

Sheri Alice O'Brian - Hoop Dance - Sheri Alice Performance Arts

Samina - Belly Dance

Sara Kaiser - Hoop Dance - Que Sara Hoops

​Sayo - Belly Dance - Swords 2017

Valerie Porier - Hoop Dance

Zaharah - Belly Dance​

Jessie Jewels Bellydancing, Effendi's,  2008

Jessie Jewels found the hoop in 2013 when a friend brought a hoop to a party. The next day she picked up her first hoop and hasn’t stopped spinning since. Jessie’s personal mission is to share her love of hooping with others. Jessie believes that the hoop is a transformational tool that has the ability to teach and inspire its inhabitants to "go with the flow". In 2014 Jessie created Jessie Jewels Hoops to share hooping with others and to connect the spin arts community in Southern New England. She hosts community events, teaches workshops and makes hula hoops. As a Certified FXP Group Fitness Instructor and Hula Hoop Instructor Jessie encourages students to let go, make mistakes and have fun!

Jessie Jewels performs at Waterfire

July 2014, Providence RI

Jessie Jewels