Hooping 101

Eastern Mass Rhythm Fest

7/28/18   12pm - 1pm

Birch Grove

Visit http://rhythmfestival.org/

for more information


Basics of Belly Dance

with Jessie Jewels

8/16/18   6:30pm-8pm

Blackstone Public Library

86 Main St.

Blackstone, MA 01504


Hooping! East Greenwich

Parks and Rec

-Starting Again in September-

Modern Hula Hoop Dance (Hooping) is an evolving

form of movement, fitness & meditation. This

workshop is geared towards beginning hula

hoopers with little to no experience. We explore

basic waist hooping, moving within the space

of the hoop, rhythm & off body hooping. Hoops

are available to use. Even if you couldn't hoop

as a kid I promise you will have a better experience

using larger "adult sized" hoops.
Days/Times: Tue 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM

Gymnasium @ Swift Community Center 121 Peirce St.
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Call to Register 401-886-8626 ext. 1
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Other Class Descriptions

Hooping Basics
“Hooping” is an evolving form of movement, fitness & meditation. We don’t just learn to waist hula hoop! We explore off body hooping, moving within the space of the hoop and rhythm. Even if you couldn't hoop as a kid I promise you will have a better experience using larger "adult sized" hoops. The bigger and heavier the hoop is, the easier it is to keep up! Hoops are available to use, but if you have a hoop please bring it with you.


Yoga with a spin! Combining the hoop with Yoga poses adds balance, extends stretches and helps rotate the torso, creating body awareness in a playful new form of exercise. Adding breath to the movements, by inhaling as the hoop moves away from the body and exhaling when the hoop comes close to the body stimulates circulation adding oxygen to the brain and energizes the body and cardiovascular activity. Experience a full body workout that incorporates dynamic, calorie burning movement with traditional yoga stretches, restorative and detoxifying breath practices, inspirational language and meditation prompts that relax your mind and brings you into the present moment.

How is the hoop used? The adult size hoop is used both held in the hands as a balance, resistance and strength building tool, as well as, on the body as a calorie blasting, low to medium impact fitness practice that tones and massages the core.

Classes & Events



​​​​​​Drum, Dance & Flow Jam

2nd Friday of every month!

8/3/18        Friday    ​7:30pm-10pm​

9/14/18      Friday 7:30-10pm

10/12/18    Friday 7:30pm-10pm

Price: $10/person at door
Join us  for a night of high energy freestyle

drumming, dancing and flow arts!

Location:  Chifferobe, Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main Pawtucket, RI 02860

All ages and skill levels are welcome.

The night kicks off at 7:30pm with a short break in the middle for announcements, bathroom breaks and socializing. At the end we bring the energy way down and chill out with softer, slower rhythms and maybe some didge, flute or toning to help get us grounded. Bring your drums or percussion gadgets. Some extra drums are available for borrowing.
We are all searching for something more out of our practice. We are all searching to be in the flow, to lose track of time and be completely focused on the present moment, to gain inner clarity, to lose our sense of self and let all of our worries and concerns drift away. This gathering creates a space for you to find this flow state or bring yourself closer on your journey to experiencing it. Some extra dance scarfs, hoops and poi will be available for borrowing.


Jessie Jewels