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Perfect for storing your hoops. Holds multiple hoops together. Carry it around to your favorite hoop jam or slide this baby under your bed. 


Hoop FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Weighted Exercise Hoops and Dance/Performance hoops?
A: Both are great for exercise. Weighted Exercise hoops are used to learn to hoop again, have fun, lose weight and take a few inches off your midsection. Dance/Performance hoops (Polypro) are lighter and faster. They are great for learning tricks, off body hooping and breaks.

Q: Why are heavier/bigger hoops easier for beginners?
A: Larger/Heavier hoops rotate more slowly and are easier to learn to maintain the hoop rotation.

Q: I have never hooped before, what size hoop should I start with?
A: You want to start with a hoop that you can easily keep up around your waist. That will typically be a weighted exercise hoop. My hoops diameters are measured from the floor up to the top of the hoop. My standard beginner size weighted exercise hoop is 40" in diameter. If you are shorter than 5'2" or very petite you may want to start with a 38" diameter hoop. If you are taller than 5'11" or a larger build you may want a 42" hoop.  

Q: Can't I just buy a hoop from the sporting goods store?
A: I don't recommend hoops with gimmicky waves, magnets, etc., as they almost always will produce bruises and are usually heavier than they need to be. My hoops have a smooth inner surface to help prevent bruising. Hoops over 2lbs in weight can cause damage to the spine and bruising.

Q: What type of connectors do you use?
A: I make all of my connectors by hand. This allows me to get the smoothest connections while maintaining the circular shape of the hoop. Many hoop makers use straight grey barbed connectors, through experience and testing I have found that this leads to looser connections which leave flat spots in the hoop. Therefor I do not use any of these in my hoops.

Q: What is Grip/Gaffer Tape?
A: It is a strong, tough, cotton cloth tape with strong adhesive properties. It is a hoopers best friend because it provides extra grippiness and friction to hold the hoop to your body. Every weighted exercise hoop comes with grip tape.


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